Three Ideas For Choosing The Best Bird Feeder Location

If you’re planning on putting up a brand new bird feeder here’s just a few ideas for the best location you can put it and what to expect.

-When putting up a brand new birdfeeder the first rule is to put it in a place where your flying friends can see and identify it.

-You will want to put your feeder in an area that is not exposed to the elements. If you live in an area with extreme cold or winds, try to put it on or near the side of the house that will best shelter the birds from the elements. Birds will like a sunny area and if you plan on watching them, a bright area will help you identify them.

-Lastly, a major problem could be the squirrel, chipmunk and cat problem. Squirrels are known for being pretty pesky when it comes to bird feeders. They are known to be able to jump anywhere from eight to 10 feet so you need to be aware of placement in that respect. Birds like to have the protection of a small tree or bush nearby but try to make sure your feeder is outside of that jumping radius.

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